Atlanta Roofers Clear Up The Confusion About Roof Warranties

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Atlanta Roofers Clear Up The Confusion About Roof Warranties

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Roof warranties can be confusing; not all are the same, and while they certainly come in handy when you have damage from a storm, water, or other issues, there are limits. Our Atlanta roofers want to enlighten readers about roof warranties and what you should know.

Manufacturers of roofing materials typically provide warranties that cover the roof material (shingles, metal, etc.) itself, but not the mistakes made by contractors during installation. If there is a problem with the actual product, the warranty will likely cover it; if poor workmanship is to blame, don’t expect the warranty to cover repairs. Before you sign, ask questions about anything you’re not clear on and know for certain what the warranty does and does not cover.

Certain things can void your warranty, for example installing a satellite dish on your roof. Because it requires screws which impacts the structure, coverage may be voided. Any kind of structural change from minor to major may leave you without coverage. This is also true when you have a new layer of shingles installed directly over the old shingles.

Normal wear and tear is a factor with all types of roofing systems, and is not generally covered by either insurance or warranties. A roof that’s 20 or 25 years old will have signs of wear, but it’s something that cannot be avoided.

When your roof is damaged or destroyed because of a catastrophic event such as a fire, severe storm, or even a tornado, your homeowner or property insurance will usually pay at least a portion of the repair or replacement cost. As with warranties, insurance providers are all different so it’s important to read the fine print and know what your coverage includes. Our professionals can help ensure your insurance is used in the most effective way possible so you keep more of your money in your bank account.

At Future Roof & Water Restoration we know warranty and insurance coverage can be confusing. When your roof has sustained damage, it’s very stressful. Our Atlanta roofing contractors work personally with you to help alleviate the stress and make your roof like new again!

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