Building Alpharetta One Roof At A Time

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Building Alpharetta One Roof At A Time

Future Roof & Restoration has been in the Alpharetta area to help our neighbors protect their homes and assets. This week we have been working in the Glen Abbey neighborhood. You may have seen our trucks and some of our exclusive employees this past week, or heard your neighbors raving about us at the fourth of July Block party!

Upon arrival to one of the homes we found immediate storm damage from ground view. One of our inspectors, William, quickly got on the roof and was able to identify all of the damages on the roof of the home. The home owner called in his claim and was able to get approved instantly! Here are some of the before photos:

During the initial inspection we found many damages to different parts of the roof. There were no leaks coming from the roof, and from ground view the roof just seemed discolored and aged. The home owner had no idea his roof was weathered and wilted! You can see some of the damages in the following photos, check out the one where William found that clients roof was literally detached from the structural part of the home.

The client was extremely satisfied when the job was complete knowing that his home was now 100% covered by one of America’s best Quality Roofing shingles, GAF high definition, and knowing that he has a lifetime warranty. We went back out to the home after the build was completed to do our standard policy Quality Control appointment. We wrapped things up and all parties were satisfied

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