Spring Storms Can Bring Hail Damage To Roofs In Atlanta - Repairing The Damage

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Spring Storms Can Bring Hail Damage To Roofs In Atlanta - Repairing The Damage

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Even though it’s barely March, we’ve already experienced thunderstorms and severe weather in the Atlanta area. Severe thunderstorms often result not only in heavy rain and substantial winds, but hail – which can be damaging to the roof of your home. What to do when you hear what sounds like baseball-size hail pounding your roof relentlessly? Call in a trusted Atlanta roofer to assess the situation.

Sometimes it’s hard for a homeowner to determine if damage has been done to the roof during a hail storm, depending on whether it’s possible to get on the roof and the material it’s made of. Whether you have wood or asphalt shingles or a slate roof, the damage to roofs can be severe in one area while another area may not be impacted at all.

When a severe storm blows through and you don’t find any evidence of a leak inside your home, it doesn’t mean the roof wasn’t damaged by hail.

For a slate roof, hail can cause slates to crack or break loose; the cracks may be in random areas of the roof.

A roof designed of wood shingles will typically experience cracks along the grain, which can cause sections or pieces of the shingles to come loose.

It isn’t unusual for asphalt shingle roofs to have shingles that are broken over time, or for cracked tabs to appear over the years. However, hail usually results in a different kind of damage where areas are dented or crushed, displacing the granules in the shingle or driving them into the shingle mat material. These dents can shorten the life of your roof, as the granules in shingles protect them from breaking down under exposure to UV rays.

When your roof is damaged by hail, call the Atlanta roofing professionals at Future Roof & Water Restoration for quick, reliable service and top-notch repairs. Restoring homes to their original condition following a storm is our specialty! When it comes to your home, trust only the best contractors.

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